NEW RELEASE: “Storm” single 04/02/22

We are super excited to release our brand new single “Storm”.

Storm is the first song to feature our new line-up with the talents of Izak Gloom on guitar. It’s a song that we’ve had kicking about for a few years, originally composed around the time we were writing songs for “Raven“. It was never quite finished and it didn’t really fit in at the time. With the added input of Kaz and Izak, we feel that is very much not the case now. It’s a barnstormer of a song! We hope you enjoy it.

As with every online single release, we’ve included a b-side, this time a total rework/remix of the title track from the “Time and Tide” album. This has been a few years in the making. The original piece was an atmospheric instrumental, written in the studio in one session, almost a last minute thing really. Our friend Phil Sibson (aka Bad Disciple) loved it and heard something completely different in it. He came back to us with a completely new recording of it with a different vibe. I loved it and it inspired me to write some lyrics, which I did and then recorded some vocals. It kind of got left for a while after that as something didn’t quite click. Phil’s version, brilliant as it was, did not retain any of the original instrumentation which I wanted to keep and play with. I kept poking at it periodically and eventually decided to completely redo it, keeping much of the original instrumentation but adopting the vibe of Phil’s version. I asked goth extraordinaire Lee Meadows (aka Batboy Slim) if he’d like to get involved with the drum track in order to get a fresh pair of ears and a different vibe on the job. As always, he did a sterling job. I love working with Lee. We have come up with something I am really proud of. It certainly offers quite a contrast to the a-side, kind of the calm after the storm. This version is called “Time and Tide (again)”. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating it.

“Storm” is available from all good digital outlets from 4th February, 2022

Decade of Elysium

2022 will be a milestone year for us as we celebrate ten years of the band’s existence. It seems like an appropriate time to take a look back at its origins and journey so far …

The seeds of what came to be Dawn of Elysium were originally sown at the back end of 2011, the exact date being 2nd December in fact. It was a night at the long defunct infamous Gasworks rock club in Bradford, which was hosting the Carpe Noctum goth night. Bands playing were Alice Moving Under Skies and Rhombus, both of which delivered fantastic sets.

Carpe Noctum’s promoter Howard and I had been friends for a few years by that point, having been on the same team running events at previous venues in town. I had been to a fair few of his events before that. Whilst I had a modicum of awareness and always liked what I heard (Howard has always been an impeccable curator of events), I had hitherto not really taken the time to appreciate the bands quite as much as on this particular night. Gothic rock had been a profound influence on my formative years and has always played some part in the music I create. However on a social level, I had never really been a part of or known many people that were a part of that scene. In the years that followed this night, that would change.

Emma and I had not been together for long. We were both in bands. Emma played in Action Directe and the then embryonic Quasimodo and I had post-punk project Suicide By Cop. After watching the bands that night, we concluded that it might be cool for us to do something together. Throughout the month of December, various conversations were had down the pub and by the end of the year, we had our first line-up “on paper”. It was the start of our journey, although there were to be a few stumbles along the way.

Rehearsals commenced on 15th January 2012. In attendance were Emma and myself on bass and guitar respectively, Paul “Punky” Brannan on vocals, Paul Stefan-Gill on guitar and Phil Holroyd on drums. The band was originally to be called “The Wraith”. However, that incarnation was not destined to be. None of us had played together before and there were personality clashes aplenty almost from the off. It was a manic and overwhelming time and by the March, the two Pauls had parted company with the rest of us, taking the name with them.

“The Wraith”, January 2011 (from left to right) Paul Stefan-Gill, Emma Marlow (Hedley as was), Alec Marlow, Paul “Punky” Brannan, Phil Holroyd

They briefly continued playing together some time later under the moniker “The Wraith Within” as a studio project with a view to getting a live band together but it never really came to anything. It was on the whole a very brief formation, split and two rival faction scenario. I guess that rendered that particular Spinal Tap-esque “goth band” box ticked very early on in the story. In reality, things ended up being fairly amicable and although we haven’t seen much of each other since, ultimately friendships remained intact. Nothing to see here. Not even on a subliminal level.

Meanwhile, we decided upon the name “Dawn of Elysium” and the band was rebooted. Over the course of the spring and summer, the remaining three of us plugged away at getting a sound together. It was primitive, it was basic but it was ours. Our first appearance in front of people was on 8th September 2012, where we played a short set at the Black Swan pub for a friend’s birthday. It was a brief, casual and unadvertised affair so we never really considered it to be our first proper gig. I also felt that there was something missing from our sound. This was to be rectified shortly after.

In attendance that night was keyboardist Charles Shelley, whom we had contacted just prior to the gig about the possibility of joining the band. He liked what he heard and we immediately became good friends. Charles joined the band on 12th September the following week and we quickly set about recording what was to be our first EP “Sense of Belonging”. Throughout the autumn, we played our first bona fide gigs and completed the EP.

We started 2013 in earnest, continuing to write and rehearse. However, it became evident by the February that being in a band wasn’t really for Phil and so we parted ways. We took the decision to proceed as a three piece without a live drummer and really this marked the end of the beginning.

In the six years or so between March 2013 and December 2018, we continued just the three of us, playing anywhere and everywhere that would have us. We self-recorded and released our first album “Time and Tide” and published a bunch of songs online. It had been a great ride but towards the end of 2018, we started to feel like we were running out of steam, both creatively and motivationally. It was time for change and in the year to follow, that’s exactly what happened.

In 2019 we released “Raven”, our second album and expanded the line-up to four (enter Tim Furze on guitar) and later five (enter Kaz Buxton on vocal). This enhanced the live sound exponentially. During this time, a number of the older songs were left behind in favour of newer material as the band evolved. More gigs were played further afield than before and there was a real feeling of optimism and momentum.

However, the pandemic of 2020 arrived and brought many challenges to bands and musicians the world over. Despite a great live start and a string of releases throughout the year, Dawn of Elysium was no exception. Unfortunately, just before the band was about to reconvene after a period of separation, Tim decided that he no longer felt able to continue with the band. This was in April 2021.

In the weeks to follow, Izak Gloom joined the fold, incorporating a very different guitar style to the overall sound. Consequently, it was necessary to take a step back and set about reworking material old and new to accomodate. We eventually played our first gig with this line-up in October 2021. Since then, we have been working on the recording of our brand new single “Storm”, which is due for release in early 2022. Work also continues on our third album “The Mandela Effect”, which we hope to release later in 2022.

The band as it sounds today is a world away from that of 2012 and we are even in a very different chapter than that of the 2013-2018 “Trio” years. We’re already starting to put together plans for a few gigs next year to celebrate this ten year milestone.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support we have received over the years and we’re looking forward to seeing in 2022 with a bang!

Have a wonderful festive period and hope you all have a very happy new year.


Alec, Emma, Kaz, Izak, and Charles.

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Twisted Firestarter postponed for another year

We regret to announce that our planned performance on 27th August will not be taking place as anticipated. However all is not lost, the Twisted Firestarter (Infest warm-up) event has been postponed and will now take place on Thursday 25th August 2022.

Originally set to take place in 2020, this event had already been postponed once due to the pandemic and whilst live music is cautiously opening back up again and some form of the festival will be taking place, the Infest team felt that this year was not the right time to revert back to a full blown weekend. These are difficult decisions for festivals to make right now. We would like to extend our gratitude and support to the organisers of the event and rest assured, we will be raring to go next year.

We’d also like to thank the Nightrain for their excellent communication and understanding following the postponement and we are very much looking forward to playing our debut at the venue on 30th October as support to the excellent Syteria.

We are just a month into rehearsing together with our new line-up and whilst we were feeling “match fit” to play a solid Dawn of Elysium set, we do welcome the opportunity to spend some more time introducing new material and getting the evolving sound more together before bringing this version of the band to a stage. We are also continuing work on the next album and are really excited at the way it is coming together.

Message ends ……

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Farewell Tim

This last year has presented a multitude of challenges for many people and bands and unfortunately, Dawn of Elysium has been no exception.

It is with heavy heart that we say goodbye to Tim Furze who had been with the band since the beginning of 2019. Along with Kaz, Tim has been instrumental in helping further evolve the band’s sound throughout the past couple of years and his contributions will be very much remembered and respected.

It would not be proper to go into the particulars of his decision, suffice to say that it was not one which was easily reached. The band as a whole will continue to support him. We all hold a great deal of affection for him and wish him all the best in the next chapter of his life.

2022 will mark the band’s tenth anniversary and we are hoping to celebrate the occasion with some kind of event. We hope that Tim will be in some way involved.

For now though, both parties must move on, more news of which later.

See you at the bar Tim, we love you buddy!

Thanks to the many talented photographers for capturing Tim in action so splendidly.

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NEW RELEASE: Far From Home single – 18/12/20

We are very excited to present our third and final release of the year “Far From Home”.

In contrast with our previous release “Driftwood“, “Far From Home” sees us return to our darker, heavier progressive goth sound. The a-side “Gravity (far from home)” is a full remix of the track “Gravity” from the “Raven” album with added vocals.

The song was originally written back in 2005 for a previous band and has always had lyrics but with the exception of the opening section, Dawn of Elysium played it as an instrumental piece. This worked rather well for a time but when Kaz joined the band and added her vocals to it, something magical happened and despite having not that long since recorded and released it, we felt it was well worth a revisit. We hope you enjoy what we’ve done with it.

The b-side is a cover of Sisters of Mercy’s “Poison Door”. After finishing the work on the acoustic / orchestral and very serious vibe of Driftwood, we felt it was necessary to redress the balance somewhat, return to our goth roots and have some fun in the process whilst not having to think too much about composition. Poison Door is a song I have loved for many years and have secretly wanted to play it for ages so we thought – why not? Yes we’re probably breaking some goth convention somewhere and have probably raised a sneer or two from the “too cool for school” brigade but we’d like to think we have made it our own and in our defence we’ve not picked an obvious one. Have listen, we hope you like it and that you listen to it in the fun spirit with which it was recorded.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Alec, Emma, Charles, Kaz and Tim

NEW RELEASE: Driftwood EP – 13/11/20

We are very pleased to announce the release of our latest EP “Driftwood”.

Somewhat of an excursion for Dawn of Elysium in a couple of ways, the idea for releasing Driftwood was born from the acoustic performance we did for Alastair Appleby as covered in our previous article. Of the four tracks performed on that day, we took those versions of “Why Now? Why Me?” and “Lost And Found” into the studio and developed them further, adding orchestration and piano to each.

Sandwiched between the two is a song from our forthcoming album “The Mandela Effect”. More news of which later.

Somewhat of an oddity in itself, “Ghost in the Machine” was started off with the intentions of becoming a bridging piece on the album but it evolved into something more substantial. We are very pleased to announce that the song has been adopted for inclusion in a forthcoming film called “Scarred Evolution” and we thought it would be a good opportunity to release it in its current form, hence the title “Ghost in the Machine (Scarred Evolution)”. The track’s journey has not yet finished and the version on the album will likely be different but it gives a taste of the kind of vibe to expect. In contrast to the acoustic/orchestral vibe of the other two songs, “Ghost in the Machine” explores our more progressive influences to a greater degree than previous work.

The EP releases on Friday 13th November and will be available from all good digital outlets. A physical CD release will follow, more news on that later.

Driftwood is dedicated to Alastair and was recorded as a thank you for all of the support he has given us throughout the years.

Appy ever after

It has been a very sombre weekend for us in DOE. Our most loyal fan and beloved friend Alastair Appleby is approaching his final days. Some friends rallied round and put together a private gig for him and we were invited to take part. In these difficult times the band has been out of action for some months so assembling the full unit was not possible. The idea of us performing a stripped down acoustic set was mentioned. This was not something we were in the habit of doing and I had not played my acoustic guitar for years. Nevertheless, not participating was not an option so Kaz and I quickly set about putting a short set together and after a period of intense practice, we had something we considered befitting of Alastair. Stalwart of the scene and general all round diamond geezer Martin Aylward did an amazing job of putting the event together which Alastair referred to as his living wake. It was an honour and a privilege to take part and playing for him this last time was a special memory we shall cherish forever. When gigs get back to normal we will miss seeing him from our vantage point.

To have someone who truly loves and appreciates the music you make is a very special and humbling thing and something we will always treasure. We love you Alastair, you will always be in our hearts and a huge part of the Dawn of Elysium story.

Appy ever after xxx

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NEW RELEASE: First Light single

We are very excited to announce the release of our brand new single “First Light” This is the very first recording to feature the full post-2019 line-up.

Track 2 is a remix of No More by the goth legend that is Lee Meadows. He is now going under the moniker of Batboy Slim. Many thanks to Lee for his excellent remixing skills.

The First Light single will be available from all good digital outlets (Bandcamp, Apple music, Amazon, Spotify, Google play and many more)

2019 – The year of the Raven

This year has seen a paradigm shift in the band as we turned the page to a new and exciting chapter.

Towards the end of last year, we were feeling somewhat despondent, myself more than anyone probably and we were on the verge of asking ourselves some difficult questions about the future of the band. We’d spent 5 years as a 3-piece, having completed our first album with a few recorded works in progress. Attempts at new material were becoming laboured and uninspiring. We had done a decent number of gigs that year but mainly very locally. With the exception of our York debut, they had been primarily in Bradford and Leeds. There was a general feeling of treading water. Although we were tight as a live unit and we were happy with what we delivered, I guess you could say we were feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. It was time for a reassessment.

It all started in the November of 2018. Emma and I came up with the idea and concept for what was to be our second album with the title “Raven”. Most of the content was already recorded if unfinished, it just needed turning into a coherent work. Howard had already given us the proverbial kick up the arse by booking us in for the album launch gig at Carpe Noctum. It was to happen in the February of 2019 and would be a co-headliner with our friends and rising stars “Sometime The Wolf”. Our friend Tim Furze had been a long time supporter and friend of the band and after a gig one night, we got chatting about guitar playing. I floated the idea of inviting him to join the band and it was met with unanimous approval. Tim excitedly accepted and we began planning his introduction to the band. We had one more gig that year in the calendar which was to become our last as a 3-piece. Tim spent the rest of the year attending rehearsals as an observer. He was unable to attend the gig due to previous commitments.

The final gig of 2018 was at The Duchess of Kent in Bradford. It was to be performed by the 3 of us with guest appearances from Paul Gooding and Kaz Buxton. We had not long since recorded and released “Divide and Conquer”, which was an old Suicide By Cop song and one which Kaz had performed many times. Since it was a Christmas gig, I asked her if she fancied doing it as a one off and she jumped at the chance. Paul had previously performed Matchstick Men with us and so I asked him if he fancied doing both that and Divide and Conquer with us. It was a fairly quiet but very enjoyable night and yet more seeds had been sown.

2019 saw us begin in earnest as a 4-piece. Tim had worked very hard to learn our set and also contributed to the album just in time for its completion. The Carpe Noctum gig took place in the February and saw Tim joining us onstage for the first time. Kaz also made another appearance singing Divide and Conquer. As a band we felt galvanised with a new found energy and enthusiasm.

Spring bank saw us begin to spread our wings as we played 3 consecutive dates in 3 cities, namely Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester. It was quite an exciting mini-tour and saw us playing in front of people who had never seen us before at venues which we had never played before. Two of the dates were supporting Christian Death. There was a real sense of us branching out more and the desire to build on that and play different places came into focus.

In the summer, I had a conversation with Kaz and she was feeling somewhat despondent herself at not being musically active enough. I suggested that she could join the band on a more significant basis rather than the odd ad-hoc guest appearance. I was curious to hear what it would sound like with her singing some of the older material. I put it to the rest of the band and again it was a unanimous approval with the caveat that I still performed some lead vocals and retained the writing responsibilities. This suited me perfectly. Changing what would essentially be the face of the band was a much bigger step than adding an extra musician. It was all immediately “signed off” and Kaz became a full time member of the band in July.

Our first gig as a 5-piece proper was at the Shadow of the Castle festival in Scarborough on 17th August. We played to a packed house and it was a roaring success. We had some excellent feedback and the new line-up went down a storm. Kaz’s voice suited a lot of the older material perfectly and we introduced a brand new song to the set “First Light”, which was the first one written as a 5-piece.

Since then, we have played a number of gigs, culminating in our final one of the year last Saturday at The Underground, all of which have been well attended and well received. Although we had made a conscious decision to not book any Bradford dates in 2019, we could not turn down the opportunity to play in support of “The Bradford Food Bank”. It is a very important cause, organised by a team and hosted at a place all of which are very close to our collective heart and it seemed fitting to round off the year in our home town.

So we leave the year a very different and more energised band. We have some gigs already in the calendar for 2020 which will see us venturing further out than before. There are studio works in progress too, which we hope to unleash in the early part of next year, all of which will feature the full line-up.

A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the year. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2020 has in store for us.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Alec, Emma, Kaz, Tim and Charles.

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Four becomes five

Just a few months after recruiting new guitarist Tim Furze, we are delighted to announce that we have expanded our numbers further.

On 16th July, Kaz Buxton joined the fold as additional lead vocalist.

Kaz had previously joined us on stage a couple of times to sing “Divide and Conquer”, which is a song she originally sang in our old band Suicide By Cop. A desire for her to be more musically active, coupled with us wondering what she might sound like singing some of our other material led us to getting together to see what happens.

It’s very early days as yet but so far it’s sounding great. We are really looking forward to giving a taster of things to come at the Shadow of the Castle festival this coming Saturday.

Going forward, I still intend to perform some lead vocal duties as well as write the lyrics, so hopefully we won’t be changing beyond all recognition, although we will continue to experiment as is the ethos of the band.

Depending on availability, future gigs may or may not feature all five of us, especially during this transitional period.

We are already working on our next recordings, which will feature the full line-up. More on this in due course.