The drums situation

As you may have read or heard, our drummer Phil decided to leave the band in late February and we advertised for a replacement shortly afterwards. However, we decided that we did not want to cancel any gigs that we had already booked and in order to honour these, we needed to come up with a solution quickly.

Many bands who play goth orientated music use electronic backing tracks and it seems synonymous with the genre. Also, we have all had experience of playing with bands without a live drummer, so we decided to give it a shot. We played our first set sans live drums on 30th March. Principally, it worked well for us despite some sound issues. Opinions are divided on the issue; some insist that we need live drums and some think it sounds better for using artificial drums. It is certainly a very different way of working and whilst we did enjoy the organic aspect of having a drummer, there are certainly many advantages to doing it this way. We do value everybody’s opinion on the matter and take everything onboard.

We have decided to pursue the electronic avenue for the foreseeable future and as such, we have taken the advertisement down. However, if the right candidate happens to come along in the future, then we may certainly consider reintroducing live drums.

Check out our gigs page for upcoming events, they are slowly increasing in numbers and we are starting to branch out too. See you at the next gig! 🙂

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