Dawn of Elysium are a gothic rock band based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.

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Dawn Of Elysium have shared a bill with:

1919, 2 Sick Monkeys, Abrasive Wheels, Action Directe, Alice Moving Under Skies, AMereKat, Analog Bombs, Android Lust, Andy Carrington, Anti-System, Arcane Winter, Arkham Witch, Army of Walking Corpses, Astral Trip, Johnny B, Bad Pollyanna, Berlin Black, Bibles FC, Black Falcon, Black Horse Fairy, Black Riders Cult, Byronic Sex & Exile, Camel of Doom, Paul Carter, Chaos Bleak, Chutzpah!, Crawlform, Christian Death, Crazy Legs, The Danse Society, Dark Valentine, Dave McKinley, Dead Eyes Opened, Do Miss America, Dolomites, Josh Doyle, DWB13X, Eagle Spits, Eastfield, Echofire, Katie Ellie, Every Black Day, The Expelaires, FANS, Fail The Enemy, Flirting With Corpses, The Fugitives, Galores, Glarus, The Glass House Museum, Global Citizen, Gothzilla, Grassby & Walker (Rhombus), Green Owl, Guttersluts, Hands of Industry, Hangman, Headsticks, Hollow Earth, Hospital Food, Hummer, Idiotbox, In Evil Hour, Inertia, Ironrat, It’s A Trap, Jan Doyle Band, Juratory, Klammer, Matt Kula, Last July, Lesbian Bed Death, Liberty Slaves, Lizard Tongue, Lost On Me, The Lost Souls, Lupine, Machine Gun Etiquette, Maplerun, The Marching Men, Momento Mori, Mikey May, May Moon, Luke Mayo, Me Rex, Monolith Cult, Murderpuss, The Negatives UK, No Decorum, Novacrow, Old School Enemy, Pallas Athena, Perpetua, Petrichor, Pigwitch, Primitive Echo, Psychlona, Psydoll, Quasimodo, Rhombus, Salvation, The Seventh Victim, Shane Pain, Sin Circus, Six Feet Below, Skeletal Family, Snuff Rock, Sometime The Wolf, Spekulus, Suicide By Cop, Sweet Exile, Syd.31, Thee Distractions, The Third Congress of the Order of the Holy Riff, Those Who Betray, Three Chord Wonder, Tokyo Witch Hunt, TV Smith, Viet Bong, Void Ship Captains, Vukovar Vukovar, When Idols Fall, Cayn White, Wild Trash, Elyse Willett, Withered Ways, Yo El Ray, Zeitgeist Zero

And played at the following venues:

1in12 Club (Bradford), Apollo (Scarborough), Bad Apples (Leeds), Bentley’s Live Lounge (Bradford), The Black Swan (Bradford), Bradford University (Bradford), The Duchess of Kent (Bradford), The Exchange Arts Centre (Keighley), The Fenton (Leeds), The Fox and Newt (Leeds), The Fulford Arms (York), The Greyhound (Beeston, Notts), Leeds University (Leeds), The Library (Leeds), The Love Apple (Bradford), The Mill (Bradford), The Mulberry (Sheffield), The New Beehive (Bradford), The Northern (Low Moor, Bradford), The Packhorse (Woodhouse Lane, Leeds), The Polish Club (Barnsley), The Primrose (Leeds), Rebellion (Manchester), The Snooty Fox (Wakefield), The Star and Garter (Burton-on-Trent), Tavern In The Town (Bradford), Temple of Boom (Leeds), Trash (Bradford), The Underground (Barnsley), The Underground (Bradford), Vampire (Bradford), Wharf Chambers (Leeds)