Time and Tide

Released October 1, 2016

1. Riding The Cloud
2. At The Sky
3. As I Break
4. Smoke And Mirrors
5. Time And Tide
6. This Rising Sun
7. Doused In Green
8. See You Now
9. The Last Time
10. Lost And Found

Alec Marlow – Vocals, Guitars
Emma Hedley – Bass Guitar, Backing vocals on “Doused In Green”
Charles Shelley – Keyboards

All songs written and performed by Dawn of Elysium.
Backing vocals on “The Last Time” performed by Greg David.
Recorded and produced by Martin Hawthorn and Alec Marlow.

Artwork by Emma Hedley.

All rights reserved. Copyright Dawn of Elysium music 2016.

Dedicated to the memory of Susan Marlow 1955-2013 RIP.