Samhain blessings

A very happy Halloween/Samhain from all of us at Elysium Towers.

It has been some months since we posted. 2017 has been a very quiet year for the band musically but extremely busy personally and so rehearsals and writing sessions have not been plentiful. Unfortunately there really isn’t anything new to report at this time apart from we are very much still here ūüôā

We’ve played just 3 gigs this year. More were planned but got cancelled (by the organisers) and we have also unfortunately had to turn a couple down, which ordinarily is not like us at all but as we said, there has been a lot going on in other areas of our lives. Hopefully we can rectify this in 2018. There is nothing in the calendar for the rest of this year.

We managed to release the single “Drown” in the spring, along with the “b-side” (for want of a better expression), which was The Bad Disciple reworking of “This Rising Sun”. Both songs have been available from all good digital outlets for some months (no physical release as yet but it’s on our “to-do” list). Watch out for more Bad Disciple collaborations.

Work on the second album has continued piecemeal and slow but steady progress is being made. We are aiming to release an EP in the interim, with which we intend to follow a similar format to “Trust”.

Hope you all enjoy the home stretch of 2017.

Love from Alec, Emma and Charles.

New single “Drown” released today!

To co-incide with our upcoming gigs and to give you a taste of what’s to come on the forthcoming album, we have decided to release “Drown” as a single. It will be available from all good digital outlets and streaming services initially but we intend on a physical release later in the summer with hopefully a couple of more tracks.

We’re having a blast putting together our next batch of songs and we hope you like what we’ve been up to!

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Spring 2017 gig updates!

Following on from our previous announcement of our spring/summer gig programme, we are saddened to announce that the Gene Loves Jezebel tour has been cancelled. Therefore, our York appearance is not happening unfortunately. Hopefully we can re-arrange something at The Fulford for a later date since we were looking forward to playing there.

However, we will still be playing on Thursday 27th April a bit closer to home at The Packhorse, Leeds. We have been kindly invited to headline Goth City’s “Black Mass Against The Cuts III” event. Also on the bill are Viet-Bong, Jan Doyle Band and DWB13X which will make for a fun and varied bill. Entry is ¬£5 and as is usually the case for Goth City events, all proceeds go to PAFRAS, which is a cause we fully endorse.

The 29th April gig at The Underground, Bradford still stands and we will be bringing you a full headlining set, containing some of our new material as well as old favourites from the album. Support comes from Bradford newcomers Crawlform. DJ Mark (Songs of Preys) will be finishing off the evening with a goth/alternative set until the small hours. Entry for this one is FREE and the venue is open late, so get down for a bank holiday weekend party with us.

Regarding the 8th July gig at Wharf Chambers in Leeds, we can now confirm that the event will be Goth City’s “Day Of The Goths”. This is an all day event, which is a fundraiser for this year’s Goth City Festival. We were honoured to appear at last year’s festival as well as enjoy many of the other bands and bills. It’s a cracking line-up, which also features scene favourites Zeitgeist Zero, Quasimodo, The Lost Souls, Jan Doyle Band and The Black Riders Cult as well as DJ’s to follow well into the night. Door price is ¬£10 and doors open at 5pm. We are really looking forward to this and are hoping to have something brand new to release on this date. More news on that later.

Details of these and all other dates can be seen on our gig list so please do keep checking back.

Upcoming gigs and studio progress – spring 2017

2017 has been a little bit of a quiet year for us so far but we’ve been steadily piecing new music together in the background. We now have five new pieces in the works from this wave of material, two of which we have aired live so far. Demo sessions and writing continue.

Our intention was to curtail live activity for a while. However, every band needs to keep its hand in and not turn great offers down and so therefore, it is our pleasure to be able to announce our little programme of spring/summer dates.

Firstly, we have been kindly invited to open up for Michael Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel for two dates of their UK tour.

“Gene Loves Jezebel¬†(GLJ) are a British rock band formed in the early 1980s by identical twin brothers Jay Aston (born John Aston) and¬†Michael. Gene Loves Jezebel’s best-known songs include “Heartache”, “Desire (Come and Get It)” (1986), “The Motion of Love” (1987), and “Jealous” (1990), as well as their broody dark alternative club hits “Bruises” (1983), “Influenza (Relapse)” (1984), and “The Cow” (1985). “Desire” (1985) was GLJ’s most successful single in the UK.”

Almost four decades and many line-up changes resulted in there being two versions of the band, each being fronted by one of the respective brothers, one being UK based and one US based. Michael’s version is the US based version of the band, who are over the pond for a rare UK tour.

On Thursday 27th April, we’re at The Fulford Arms in York. It’ll be our first time both at The Fulford and in York and both which have been on our “to do” list for a while.

Saturday 29th April sees us on home turf at our new favourite Bradford venue The Underground. This show will be followed by a full alternative club night until the wee small hours.

For both dates (and indeed all of the tour dates), the rather excellent Grooving in Green are also on the bill whose live shows are a sight to behold. Ticket prices vary depending on venue and watch out for more bands being added to the bill.

On 8th July, we return to Wharf Chambers in Leeds. Details for this show are yet to be announced but we can tell you that it’s going to be a fantastic event¬†and¬†to keep all day free for it. We will let you know more details when the event has been announced but for now, keep an eye on announcements from the team over at Goth City.

26th August sees us venturing to Manchester’s Star and Garter for the first time as special guests of London rockers Terminal Gods. This will be our first time in Manchester and we’re very much looking forward to bringing our music across the hills. More details on this show to be announced.

We’re hoping to air some of our new material at most of these dates and hope to have plenty of merchandise to peddle. We also hope to have an EP out over the summer as previously announced and work on the album continues steadily. We hope to see you at the shows. Have a great spring!

Keep an eye on our gig page for up to date news of these and any other dates.

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2017 and the next chapter

2016 has been another good year for us, which saw us playing a fair few gigs and finally completing and releasing our first album. Goth City Festival on 26th November will be our final live appearance of 2016 and presently there is nothing in the calendar looking forward. This has not been completely by design but we are welcoming a period where commitments are kept to a minimum, in order for us to progress with writing and recording our next batch of material.

“Time and Tide” essentially comprised all of the material which was written from the band’s beginnings up until its recording (2012-2015) and whilst we’re very proud of it, we’re keen to progress and move onto the next chapter. We already have three new songs in the works, two of which we’ve introduced into our live set in the last couple of months.

Our plan is to release an EP in the first half of 2017 which will loosely follow the same format as “Trust”, featuring a brand new single, a remix/alternate version of an existing song or two and something else. This will coincide with a period of writing and working towards a second album, the release date of which is very much unknown. It is very early days but the album has the working title of “The Perfect Storm”.

Of course, we’re not intending on calling time on all live activities in 2017 and as always, we’re open to any opportunities. So if you would like us to come and play then please do feel free to get in touch.

At The Sky – the evolution of a song

Today marks the official release date of our debut album “Time and Tide”. The album contains 10 tracks and comprises all of the material written from the band’s conception up until its recording. After reaching this milestone, it seems a good opportunity to look back on the history of one song in particular.

“At The Sky” was the first song we wrote together as a band at the beginning of 2012. Its origins actually go back a number of years further. The first two verses were originally part of a much longer and quite different piece called “Symptom X” written back in 2004 for a band I was in called Jigsaw Culture, which was a kind of experimental progressive rock band.

When we first started Dawn of Elysium, we were originally a 5-piece and the band was called “The Wraith”. The band consisted of myself, Emma, Phil Holroyd on drums, lead guitarist Paul Stefan Gill and singer Paul Brannan. This line-up and name only really lasted a couple of months before the two Pauls left. During that time a number of primitive rehearsal recordings were made and subsequent demos were recorded at Paul Stefan Gill’s home studio. He played all the instrumentation and Paul Brannan later laid down the vocals. At The Sky was one of the first such demos. It went in a slightly different direction to what was perhaps intended but it is interesting to hear their interpretation of it after all this time. None of the rest of the band performed on this recording. The two Pauls went on to write a few more songs together with a view to carrying on under the moniker “The Wraith Within”, some of which can be heard on a Reverbnation page created for the band and also Paul Brannan’s personal page. Unfortunately the new project never really saw the light of day¬†but the music has been left online for posterity.

Some months later, the song had been reworked slightly and was recorded at Voltage Studios for our first EP “Sense of Belonging”. Phil was still playing the drums at this point and so this EP doesn’t really sound representative of what we were to become.

After Phil left in February 2013, I quickly set about programming drums for all the songs and At The Sky was the first one I did. By the time we started recording the album in 2015, we were playing the song much less at gigs and have since only played it once or twice. Although she likes it as a song, it is Emma’s least favourite one to play and probably the one which took the most takes to record. It was also Martin’s least favourite when producing the album as he said it reminded him of Marillion, a band which he hates but one which have been quite an influence on me (Fish era only however, not a Hogarth fan).

We will be playing it at the album launch gig simply because it has been a while. Although it doesn’t get much of an airing these days and in some ways doesn’t fit as much as it did, it will remain an important track to me and one which holds a few memories dating back over 12 years.

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Time and Tide – complete!

“Time and Tide”, our debut album is finally finished. We received the CDs earlier this week and although our official release date is 1st October, we’ve started selling them in passing. Also, it is available for download and streaming from Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and a whole host of other online outlets. Prices vary between sites.

To mark it’s release, we are playing at the next Carpe Noctum night, which is held at The Library in Leeds. We’re on with two fantastic bands in the shape of The Danse Society and Berlin Black.

“Time and Tide” represents a culmination of the first three years of the band’s life, comprising all of the songs we had written and refined between our conception and the recording of the album. It contains all four songs from the Sense of Belonging EP and the track Smoke and Mirrors, which we previously released as a standalone track. However, these are all brand new recordings with each song meticulously reworked and produced by Martin Hawthorn.

We would like to thank everybody who has helped and supported us over the last 4 years. We really hope you enjoy the album and here’s to many more!


Alec, Emma and Charles.

DOE collage

Studio diary #4: So close we can smell it!

In the last 3 months or so, we have been ploughing away both rehearsing for the autumn gigs and conducting more recording sessions. All of the music is now fully recorded for all 10 songs.

Vocal recording has been taking place under the production of Martin Hawthorn and is now over half way done. The band FANS have very kindly allowed us to use their rehearsal space for this, as and when we have been able. It was originally built as a recording studio and has a vocal booth. We’re very pleased with the results so far. The aim is to finish recording over the coming weekend so Martin can start the mixing in earnest.

Scheduled release date is 3rd October to co-incide with our next gig at The Library. We’re hoping to have CDs and merchandise available on the night with digital downloads available in the weeks following.

We’re itching to get back out playing live and also to get the album released.

Studio diary #3: Big sounds afoot

This last period has seen a combination of recording and writing.

After the gig at the end of March, we have gone into full hibernation mode. Our rehearsal time is not plentiful (two of us play in other bands), so it has been good to be free of live commitments. We have had a few enquiries about playing in the short term but have had to be steadfast in saying no at this time.

As for recording progress, all of the keyboards are now laid down and around 95% of the bass guitar on the 8 tracks we have been working on so far. We have also made some headway with guitars (both electric and acoustic), with 6 of the songs now having complete guitar tracks and sounding very big!

The writing of a brand new song is also well under way which we are all very excited about. We intend to develop and record this very soon as well as continuing with writing more new material. Our goal is 10 tracks for the album.

There is still no definite deadline for the album release. We’re aiming for autumn and with the progress we are making, it seems achievable but we’re hesitant to make any promises at this stage.

Until next time …

Studio diary #2: Steady as she goes

There hasn’t been much of an update for a while on the recording front. Most of the whole of February was taken up firstly with the Leeds University gig and then various other issues which rendered us unable to rehearse or record.

We had made a little progress laying down some guide tracks and a small amount of bass and keyboards right at the beginning of the month and as March struck, we continued with this in earnest. There is currently no guitar or vocal content apart from guide tracks but we’re already getting a picture of how the finished article might sound.

We have decided to record the backbone of it using the Tascam DP32 and then transfer the information to Garageband for editing and mixing. This approach makes for a quicker and slightly more natural feeling recording process. DAWs/computers are very powerful and useful tools but not always the best to use on the fly, especially with the additional hardware required.

Presently, there are 8 songs being recorded. There was a 9th but we felt it did not really fit. There are barebones ideas for more so you never know.

One thing we have learned is that we can’t rush this. It will be ready when it’s ready and our previous ideas for a deadline were perhaps a bit over zealous. We would obviously like it to sound the very best that it can. Things are progressing steadily but definitely and the lessons learned from this process will ensure that we can get a song from the initial writing to fully recorded stage more quickly in future.

We’re currently still light on the gig commitments for the rest of this year. Our next outing will be at The Black Swan on 28th March with Luna Reign. We do want to keep a light calendar for a while to allow for recording and more writing but as always if something comes along, we are usually more than happy to play.