NEW RELEASE: “Storm” single 04/02/22

We are super excited to release our brand new single “Storm”.

Storm is the first song to feature our new line-up with the talents of Izak Gloom on guitar. It’s a song that we’ve had kicking about for a few years, originally composed around the time we were writing songs for “Raven“. It was never quite finished and it didn’t really fit in at the time. With the added input of Kaz and Izak, we feel that is very much not the case now. It’s a barnstormer of a song! We hope you enjoy it.

As with every online single release, we’ve included a b-side, this time a total rework/remix of the title track from the “Time and Tide” album. This has been a few years in the making. The original piece was an atmospheric instrumental, written in the studio in one session, almost a last minute thing really. Our friend Phil Sibson (aka Bad Disciple) loved it and heard something completely different in it. He came back to us with a completely new recording of it with a different vibe. I loved it and it inspired me to write some lyrics, which I did and then recorded some vocals. It kind of got left for a while after that as something didn’t quite click. Phil’s version, brilliant as it was, did not retain any of the original instrumentation which I wanted to keep and play with. I kept poking at it periodically and eventually decided to completely redo it, keeping much of the original instrumentation but adopting the vibe of Phil’s version. I asked goth extraordinaire Lee Meadows (aka Batboy Slim) if he’d like to get involved with the drum track in order to get a fresh pair of ears and a different vibe on the job. As always, he did a sterling job. I love working with Lee. We have come up with something I am really proud of. It certainly offers quite a contrast to the a-side, kind of the calm after the storm. This version is called “Time and Tide (again)”. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating it.

“Storm” is available from all good digital outlets from 4th February, 2022

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