Studio diary #3: Big sounds afoot

This last period has seen a combination of recording and writing.

After the gig at the end of March, we have gone into full hibernation mode. Our rehearsal time is not plentiful (two of us play in other bands), so it has been good to be free of live commitments. We have had a few enquiries about playing in the short term but have had to be steadfast in saying no at this time.

As for recording progress, all of the keyboards are now laid down and around 95% of the bass guitar on the 8 tracks we have been working on so far. We have also made some headway with guitars (both electric and acoustic), with 6 of the songs now having complete guitar tracks and sounding very big!

The writing of a brand new song is also well under way which we are all very excited about. We intend to develop and record this very soon as well as continuing with writing more new material. Our goal is 10 tracks for the album.

There is still no definite deadline for the album release. We’re aiming for autumn and with the progress we are making, it seems achievable but we’re hesitant to make any promises at this stage.

Until next time …

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