Studio diary #2: Steady as she goes

There hasn’t been much of an update for a while on the recording front. Most of the whole of February was taken up firstly with the Leeds University gig and then various other issues which rendered us unable to rehearse or record.

We had made a little progress laying down some guide tracks and a small amount of bass and keyboards right at the beginning of the month and as March struck, we continued with this in earnest. There is currently no guitar or vocal content apart from guide tracks but we’re already getting a picture of how the finished article might sound.

We have decided to record the backbone of it using the Tascam DP32 and then transfer the information to Garageband for editing and mixing. This approach makes for a quicker and slightly more natural feeling recording process. DAWs/computers are very powerful and useful tools but not always the best to use on the fly, especially with the additional hardware required.

Presently, there are 8 songs being recorded. There was a 9th but we felt it did not really fit. There are barebones ideas for more so you never know.

One thing we have learned is that we can’t rush this. It will be ready when it’s ready and our previous ideas for a deadline were perhaps a bit over zealous. We would obviously like it to sound the very best that it can. Things are progressing steadily but definitely and the lessons learned from this process will ensure that we can get a song from the initial writing to fully recorded stage more quickly in future.

We’re currently still light on the gig commitments for the rest of this year. Our next outing will be at The Black Swan on 28th March with Luna Reign. We do want to keep a light calendar for a while to allow for recording and more writing but as always if something comes along, we are usually more than happy to play.

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