2017 and the next chapter

2016 has been another good year for us, which saw us playing a fair few gigs and finally completing and releasing our first album. Goth City Festival on 26th November will be our final live appearance of 2016 and presently there is nothing in the calendar looking forward. This has not been completely by design but we are welcoming a period where commitments are kept to a minimum, in order for us to progress with writing and recording our next batch of material.

“Time and Tide” essentially comprised all of the material which was written from the band’s beginnings up until its recording (2012-2015) and whilst we’re very proud of it, we’re keen to progress and move onto the next chapter. We already have three new songs in the works, two of which we’ve introduced into our live set in the last couple of months.

Our plan is to release an EP in the first half of 2017 which will loosely follow the same format as “Trust”, featuring a brand new single, a remix/alternate version of an existing song or two and something else. This will coincide with a period of writing and working towards a second album, the release date of which is very much unknown. It is very early days but the album has the working title of “The Perfect Storm”.

Of course, we’re not intending on calling time on all live activities in 2017 and as always, we’re open to any opportunities. So if you would like us to come and play then please do feel free to get in touch.

Time and Tide – complete!

“Time and Tide”, our debut album is finally finished. We received the CDs earlier this week and although our official release date is 1st October, we’ve started selling them in passing. Also, it is available for download and streaming from Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and a whole host of other online outlets. Prices vary between sites.

To mark it’s release, we are playing at the next Carpe Noctum night, which is held at The Library in Leeds. We’re on with two fantastic bands in the shape of The Danse Society and Berlin Black.

“Time and Tide” represents a culmination of the first three years of the band’s life, comprising all of the songs we had written and refined between our conception and the recording of the album. It contains all four songs from the Sense of Belonging EP and the track Smoke and Mirrors, which we previously released as a standalone track. However, these are all brand new recordings with each song meticulously reworked and produced by Martin Hawthorn.

We would like to thank everybody who has helped and supported us over the last 4 years. We really hope you enjoy the album and here’s to many more!


Alec, Emma and Charles.

DOE collage

It’s an Elysian summer – gigs and releases 2016

Summer 2016 is shaping up to be a good one for us with a single release last week and some great gigs coming up.

As we reported a few days ago, we released a second single from the forthcoming album “Time and Tide”. “This Rising Sun” is a song which we’ve been playing live for a couple of years or so and one which has been very well received. We initially released it via Bandcamp and shortly afterwards, it was made available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and a host of other online outlets. This was shortly followed by our previous EP “Trust” being added to the same outlets. So, give us a spin on Spotify. If you like what you hear, show us some love and buy the songs. If you are a DJ who is interested in giving us some airtime, either live or on the radio, then please get in touch and we will provide you with free promo copies. This Rising Sun is an online release only until the album comes out and we have limited copies of “Trust” left on CD which will be available at the gigs whilst stocks last.

Saturday, 9th July sees us return to The Exchange, Keighley for the first time since 2013. The Exchange is a great little place, tucked away in the back streets of Keighley town centre. The team who are behind it are some of the nicest people you could hope to meet and the main guy Michael “Mouse” Watmough has been a good friend of mine for about 20 years now. He does a fantastic job. We are lucky enough to once again be playing with the fantastic The Danse Society, whom we were fortunate enough to support back in January at our last visit to Carpe Noctum. Also on the bill are the fantastic Haworth band Black Horse Fairy with their spellbinding mix of steampunk folk rock. This will be a night of great music. We’re on first so try and get there early doors. Tickets are £5, which is very much worth the price of admission for The Danse Society alone.

Saturday, 23rd July, we are introduced to great new Bradford venue called The Underground. Situated on Duke Street, the building itself has in the past been no stranger to live music. However, after being left in a severely dilapidated state for many years by the previous tenants, it was recently taken over by brothers Nigel and Matthew Booth and given a brand new lease of life and some much needed TLC. We are very much looking forward to playing and checking out the venue. We are playing with up and coming band F.A.N.S. who have been wooing a few key music industry bods over the last couple of years including 6Music’s Steve Lamacq. Their style is modern dark indie with shades of post-punk very reminiscent of Joy Division.

Saturday 30th July we return to The Fenton in Leeds. We love The Fenton as a favourite Leeds drinking destination and great small venue. The event has been put together by Goth City Promotions, whom we are very much in support of due to not only their grassroots support for bands but also their work for PAFRAS, which is a charity very much close to our hearts. Also on the bill are Leeds goth trio Quasimodo and Staffordshire’s The Glass House Museum.

Saturday, 20th August sees us back at our regular stomping ground, The Black Swan in Bradford. Also on the bill are Stoke-on-Trent gothic rockers Lupine, who are celebrating 18 years of existence this year. As is often the case at The Swan, it’s an Under The Gun night with DJ Pinkabelle playing a wide selection of goth and alternative tunes until 1am. As always, entry is free.

For up to date information on all of our gigs, please keep checking back. We’re always on the lookout, so if you would like to make a booking enquiry, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

In other news, work on the album continues in the background. It’s now at a reasonably advanced stage and all being well we should be able to get it somewhere near finished over the summer. In addition to this, the follow up release is currently being demo’d as new material continues to develop.

We hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are enjoying ours!

New single release – “This Rising Sun”

Work on the album is at a fairly advanced stage now. However, there is still some work to do. We thought it might be fun in the mean time to release a second track as a single. Since we have been playing it live “This Rising Sun” is the one people have probably asked about the most. It’s up on Bandcamp for now but it will be available on iTunes, Amazon and a plethora of other online outlets in the coming days as will our previous EP “Trust”. We very much hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Goth City Festival (26/11/16)

We are extremely pleased to announce our inclusion on the first Leeds Goth City Festival. This is a project which is being organised by Goth City Promotions whom we have played numerous gigs for around the city of Leeds. There are some fantastic acts on, spanning three weeks in November. We are on the bill for the main event on the 26th at Wharf Chambers. Stage time is still TBC but keep checking back for details.

Trust EP now available on Bandcamp

Last autumn, we aimed to release our debut album but unfortunately external circumstances dictated that this would not be possible. In fact the album still remains unfinished, although more progress has been made in the last few weeks. However, we really wanted to release something on CD at the Carpe Noctum gig on 3rd October of last year so we put this EP together.

Entitled “Trust”, it contains “The Last Time” – a song from the album, the DJ Cruel Brittania remix of Smoke and Mirrors described in our previous post, the original recording of Smoke and Mirrors from 2013 and our version of Status Quo’s “Pictures of Matchstick Men”, which has very quickly established itself as a live favourite.

The CD has been on sale from the band at gigs since October. We’ve uploaded it to Bandcamp for those who wish to download it. We hope you enjoy this little taste of the recordings to come as well as one or two special tracks and alternate mixes.

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Recordings and remixes

As we continue the countdown to the Carpe Noctum gig on 3rd October, there is a lot of studio activity in the background consisting of mixing of the forthcoming album, further recording which will surface as part of an EP and more interestingly, remix work of existing recordings.

On the subject of remixes, we are delighted to announce that DJ Cruel Britannia has completed a remix of our song Smoke and Mirrors and we think it sounds great!

We gave him some rough mixes of the forthcoming album and asked him if he would be interested in working on a remix of a song. He chose Smoke and Mirrors, we passed him the raw tracks and he went away and created the remix.

In his own words “rather than me going to town with the drum loops, samples, synths & the usual technical fuckery I indulge in, I went for the ’12” club remix’ approach instead, opting to leave as much of the original track intact, but a bit longer and shinier…yes, it took a shedload of will power to stay away from the gadgets”.

Well, we would have been happy however many gadgets he used and we are really pleased with what he has achieved. Many thanks for a fantastic job.

There is also another potential remix in the pipeline which will surface at a later date, more news on this later. We are always up for having remixes performed on our music, so if you would like to contribute then please feel free to get in touch. Make it as radically different as you like. Full artistic license and credit will be given naturally.

Work on the album continues unabated. As previously alluded to, we were hoping to release this on 3rd October and whilst there is still a chance we may do, we don’t want to make any promises, which is why we have not made any big announcements to this effect. The recording work has been completed. However, there is a lot of production work which still needs to go into it and external circumstances are not currently on our side. Martin Hawthorn has been immersing himself in the project and taking every opportunity to work on the mixes. What he has achieved so far is sounding amazing to these ears and he is certainly pulling out all the stops to complete as much work as possible. However, he is adamant that we should not release it prematurely for the sake of releasing it as it needs to be right. We do apologise for any inconvenience and we accept full responsibility for any misleading announcements.

That said, we are keen to release a CD at the gig, so an EP is being readied which will comprise a single from the album (as yet undecided), the Cruel Britannia remix of Smoke and Mirrors, the original 2013 Voltage Studios recording of Smoke And Mirrors and something else we have been working on which we are not yet in a position to announce.

Stand by for further news on both the EP and the album.

To listen to DJ Cruel Britannia’s remix of Smoke and Mirrors, visit the Soundcloud page.

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Carpe Noctum: (03/10/15) Rhombus + Dead Eyes Opened + Dawn of Elysium @ The Library, Leeds

This 3rd October, we are extremely pleased to be returning to West Yorkshire’s premier goth and dark alternative club night Carpe Noctum. We’re very happy to be sharing a bill with Rhombus and Dead Eyes Opened.

We are fans of both bands and were fortunate enough to perform with them last September at the first Library, Leeds based Carpe Noctum. At this show, Rhombus were on as the stripped down acoustic-esque outfit, Grassby and Walker but this time, they’ll be performing with their full line-up.

This show is scheduled to be our album launch night so we are aiming to have CD’s and Merch available for the first time (more news on this later).

Carpe Noctum is always an early start for the bands and since we’re on first, we’ll likely be onstage at around 7.30pm. Admission is £5 on the door all night.

It will be our first gig in quite some time so it would be great to see a few faces early doors!