Recordings and remixes

As we continue the countdown to the Carpe Noctum gig on 3rd October, there is a lot of studio activity in the background consisting of mixing of the forthcoming album, further recording which will surface as part of an EP and more interestingly, remix work of existing recordings.

On the subject of remixes, we are delighted to announce that DJ Cruel Britannia has completed a remix of our song Smoke and Mirrors and we think it sounds great!

We gave him some rough mixes of the forthcoming album and asked him if he would be interested in working on a remix of a song. He chose Smoke and Mirrors, we passed him the raw tracks and he went away and created the remix.

In his own words “rather than me going to town with the drum loops, samples, synths & the usual technical fuckery I indulge in, I went for the ’12” club remix’ approach instead, opting to leave as much of the original track intact, but a bit longer and shinier…yes, it took a shedload of will power to stay away from the gadgets”.

Well, we would have been happy however many gadgets he used and we are really pleased with what he has achieved. Many thanks for a fantastic job.

There is also another potential remix in the pipeline which will surface at a later date, more news on this later. We are always up for having remixes performed on our music, so if you would like to contribute then please feel free to get in touch. Make it as radically different as you like. Full artistic license and credit will be given naturally.

Work on the album continues unabated. As previously alluded to, we were hoping to release this on 3rd October and whilst there is still a chance we may do, we don’t want to make any promises, which is why we have not made any big announcements to this effect. The recording work has been completed. However, there is a lot of production work which still needs to go into it and external circumstances are not currently on our side. Martin Hawthorn has been immersing himself in the project and taking every opportunity to work on the mixes. What he has achieved so far is sounding amazing to these ears and he is certainly pulling out all the stops to complete as much work as possible. However, he is adamant that we should not release it prematurely for the sake of releasing it as it needs to be right. We do apologise for any inconvenience and we accept full responsibility for any misleading announcements.

That said, we are keen to release a CD at the gig, so an EP is being readied which will comprise a single from the album (as yet undecided), the Cruel Britannia remix of Smoke and Mirrors, the original 2013 Voltage Studios recording of Smoke And Mirrors and something else we have been working on which we are not yet in a position to announce.

Stand by for further news on both the EP and the album.

To listen to DJ Cruel Britannia’s remix of Smoke and Mirrors, visit the Soundcloud page.

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