Studio diary #1: The journey begins with a single step and a large boot!

As everybody emerges, bleary-eyed into 2015, we are turning our attentions to all things recording.

The last thing we recorded and published was the single song Smoke and Mirrors back in the summer of 2013. Apart from this, there are no existing recordings which are representative of the band’s current sound. And so we felt it was long overdue for us to commit something to disc. Therefore, we have resolved to self record and release our debut album in 2015.

We are delighted to have the involvement of Martin Hawthorn, who has kindly agreed to produce the album with us.

Martin was the bassist and founder member of 80’s and 90’s bands Excalibur, Loud, PADD and Hardware and he has worked with such production luminaries as Simon Efemey and Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman, amongst others.

As we unboxed the the new studio equipment last night, pre-production began in earnest. The first stage is to strip back the existing songs and take a good look under the bonnet as we’ve never done to this extent before. It’s amazing what you find when you put everything under the microscope.

Apart from inevitable tweaks and reworks, there’s more writing work to be done and pending ideas to be developed over the coming days and weeks. It’s going to be a very interesting and busy period!

We are curtailing seeking any live work for the time being but as always are receptive to any offers.

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